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Chutney Fusion Belly Dancing is an exclusive service at Chutney Fusion Belly Dancing, pioneered by Sevdha, is the mixture of chutney dancing (or Indo-Caribbean) and music with middle eastern dance, or belly dancing.

Chutney dance and music originated in Trinidad and Tobago by descendants of East Indian settlers, and has spread throughout the rest of the Anglo-Caribbean with significant Indian populations. Chutney music is usually very upbeat, and incorporates soca, calpyso and reggae beats with various East Indian influences. Chutney Fusion Belly Dancing combines belly dancing moves and costume influences with chutney dancing and music. specializes in Chutney dancing, Chutney Fusion Belly Dancing, and is also affiliated with authentic East Indian-Jamaican traditional musicians for combined performances. Ask for chutney belly dancing

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Chutney Fusion Belly Dancing

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