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Snake Dancing is a wonderful way to add an air of mystery to an event! Snakes are great way to add a touch of ...not-so-real "danger" to a routine and captivate audiences of all ages. There are currently three snakes available, all ball pythons, in the collection. Being that they are young (and rather small), they are not all used for performances, but are available for show otherwise. Also, is in affiliation with snake breeders whenever the need for larger snakes arises.


About Ball Pythons:


Ball Pythons are the "puppy dogs" of the snake world. They tend to be very meek, docile and shy. They very rarely bite, and are not venomous. While comparatively a small snake, male ball pythons tend to be smaller, generally getting to be about 3-4 feet in length. Females, however, may be able to reach up to 6 feet in length, though generally grow to be around 5 feet. Also called, "Royal Pythons," (UK usage) Ball Pythons were named for their tendency to curl up into a ball when they feel threatened. This primary method of defense is the reason that they are reluctant to bite. Snake Charming isn't for everyone, and in any given crowd (unless they are a gathering of reptile enthusiasts), there's bound to be a few people who are afraid of snakes. Therefore, when hiring a snake charmer, it is imperative for one to make sure that there is enough space to guarantee that the dancer can be distanced from the audience at any given time. This way, the entertainer would be able to gauge the reaction of the individuals in the audience in time to know where it is appropriate to travel with the snake.


Meet the snakes:

OCIAS the ball python with a hat

Ocias | Female


Ocias, the queen, is the eldest, and largest of the family. Ocias' name is an acronym for, "Oh Crap, It's A Snake." She is very gentle girl with an aggressive appetite, oftentimes eating two to three meals in a sitting (if on the occasion a certain pick eater is not in the mood to eat). Her name is pronounced, "Oh-Sai-Ahs".


Snakeminder Singh

Snakeminder Singh | Male -


Snakey Singh is a pastel ball python. Pastel ball pythons are what is considered a "morph," or an unnaturally occurring colour of ball python, and naturally, he looks a bit different from his serpent siblings. His name is a play on the Punjabi name, "Sukhminder Singh," and this special little boy was generously donated by ZV Reptiles.

Ball Python Pita

PITA | Male


Pita is the runt of the bunch, even though he is only slightly younger than OCIAS, due to his picky nature. It is not unusual for him to shy away from food if it is not exactly to his specifications, and as a result, he grows at a much slower rate than the others. He is small enough to fit into the palm of one's hand when curled up. Though acquired as a "normal," he is believed to be a "Spotnose" by a couple of breeders. His name is an acronym for "Pain in the-..." you know. Named because when he was younger, he was rather fiesty! He calmed rather quickly, however, and is the calmest of them all.


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