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Tribal Belly Dancing

Tribal Belly Dancing / Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing

Tribal style belly dancing is characterized by improvised, group performances, and is often referred to as American tribal belly dance (ATS). This form of dance is believed to have started with world-renowned belly dancer Jamila Salimpour; an avid study of the practice, Jamila fused styles she learned and experienced from all over the world into one form of dance, taking elements from North Africa, the Middle East, India and Spain. She passed this down through her students, including dancers Masha Archer and, eventually, Carolena Nerriccio, the woman often credited with Tribal belly dancing.

During a tribal belly dance, dancers communicate with movements and cues, creating an improvised yet still seamless choreography. They typically wear finger cymbals and don tiered skirts, headdresses and elaborate jewelry. Dances tend to be set to various types of ancient folk music.

From this style of belly dance Tribal fusion was born, a modern take on the collection of ancient traditions expressed in ATS belly dancing. Fusion tends to blend ATS with other styles of dance, including hip hop, flamenco, Egyptian belly dancing, break dancing, and even moves typically seen in modern clubs. Fusion is often set to electronica or world music, and dancers wear elaborate costumes, jewelry and hair ornaments.

Both ATS and Tribal fusion belly dancing are best described as collaborations between styles, moves, costumes, choreography and the dancers themselves. While they each have their unique differences, both are rooted in the idea of working together, dancing together and creating something beautiful.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing / Tribal Dancing

Sevdha and many of her affiliates performers specialize in Tribal and Tribal Fusion dance performances.

Tribal Belly Dancing and Tribal Fusion bellydancing is performed by Sevdha and affiliates of Call 707.383.4286 for Tribal Fusion and Tribal Bellydancing in Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, and all over the Unites States.