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Sevdha in Indian Attire and Purple Isis Wings

Wings of Isis / Isis Wings Belly Dance

Among some of the props available are the "Wings of Isis," magnificent wings inspired by none other than the Egyptian goddess, Isis. These magnificent wings of Isis are made out of Polyester or organza, with lengths varying from neck to wing tip, averaging at approximately 57 inches to 119 inches from end to end of the wings. At, Isis Wings are available for performances in many different colours, including gold, blue, purple, yellow, and more. The wings are collapsible and easy to transport, making them an affordable prop addition for any event.

The Wings of Isis are a relativey new addition to the art form of belly dance. The use of Isis Wings, however, is not exclusive to belly dancing. Isis Wings can now be seen being used in Caribbean carnivals, religious entertainment, and more. The Wings of Isis can also be requested to be performed with other styles of dance offered at Nonetheless, due to their magnificent, shimmering, and almost ethereal nature, Isis Wings are perfect for nearly any event with a space large enough to accomodate them, and they never fail to fascinate and mezmerise guests of all ages. Wings of Isis are especially good for weddings, parties of various kinds, festivals, corporate parties and events, and more. Feel free to request isis wing colours matching with the theme of your event. Smaller versions of the wings are called, "fairy wings," and are also available at for performances. Call today to schedule your Wings of Isis Performance today.

Pink Isis Wings

Wings of Isis / Isis Wings Belly Dance Entertainment

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