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Considered the oldest known dance form by some experts, Belly Dancing has existed since ancient times as a feminine ritual for the preparation of childbirth. It has been referred to by a myriad of names - Belly Dancing, Bellydancing, Middle Eastern Dance, Oriental Dance, Egyptian dancing, Arabic Dancing, and more. All in all, the proper name for the dance form is "Raqs Sharqi," or "People's dance." Costumes tend to consist of a vareity of fabrics, colours, coins and other accoutrements. There are various styles of belly dancing costumes. "Bedleh" is the name for the common cabaret-style costume consisting of a skirt, belt, and bra. The "beledi dress," is a long, floor-length dress that covers the dancer's body almost entirely, and the gallabiya is a full-length cotton robe worn commonly by both men and women throughout the Middle East and Africa. Even though belly dancing was done solely by women for women (contrary to popular belief, men were prohibited from viewing the dance) and percieved by most to be a feminine dance form, bellydancing is performed by both men and women of all ages, sizes and shapes.

Belly Dancing Traditional Cabaret

Traditional Cabaret

Traditional Cabaret Belly Dancing, otherwise known as the image commonly associated with modern belly dancing, incorporates traditional Middle Eastern dancing with "cabaret"-styled belly dance outfits - the glitzy, two-piece, midriff-baring costume known to modern-day belly dancing. This is performed to Arabic, Turkish Greek, or otherwise Middle Eastern-styled music.

Tribal Bellydancing and Tribaret

Tribal Belly Dancing and Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing

Tribal Belly Dancing originated in San Francisco and is attributed to the troupe, Fat Chance Belly Dance. Tribal Belly Dancing is a beautiful art form, and while an offshoot of belly dancing, it differs from the common cabaret style in many ways. The costuming tends to draw influences from tribal Kuchi and Afghani tribes, and tribal belly dancing tends to be done in groups and impromptu. Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing is a descendant of Tribal Belly Dancing, and it is dscribed to be much more slow and earthy than either Tribal Belly Dancing or Cabaret. It is more liberal than either dance form, allowing for many types of fusion, such as pop n' locking, and more.

Tribaret Bellydancing Belly Dancing


Tribaret Belly Dancing is also available at Tribaret is a combination of the common cabaret-styled belly dancing with tribal belly dancing / tribal fusion belly dancing. Tribaret incorporates costuming and dancing influences from either style of belly dancing, creating a beautiful fusion of the two dance forms.

Sword Belly Dancing

Belly Dance Props

The use of props is very common in belly dancing. There are a wide variety of props, sometimes non-traditional, that professional belly dancers utilize in their performances. Some examples of props that are used in belly dancing are candelabra, swords, fanveils, veils,

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