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Based primarily in Mumbai, Bollywood (and credited for being the birthpalce of Bollywood dancing and films), Bollywood refers to India's enormous Hindi-language film industry, and Bollywood dancing refers to the modern styles of Indian dancing generally present in Bollywood movies.

The term, Bollywood, is a portmanteau of Bombay and Hollywood. Bollywood films are, more often than not, musical films, containing various instances of song and dance throughout the movie. As such, Bollywood dancing is a staple to the Indian film industry.

Bollywood dancing generally incorporates a series of meaningful hand gestures and facial expressions, along with a mixture of classical Indian dance, Western, Middle Eastern, Latin and/or other influences. The dance numbers are oftentimes energetic, involve a multitude of dancers, and almost always seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Bhangra dancing originates from Punjab, India. In conjunction with Rang Entertainment, Bhangra entertainment is also available at Call to inquire about Bhangra DJs and dancers. offers professional Bollywood dance entertainment for weddings, parties and other events. Transform your event into a Bollywood film set - call 707-383-4286.

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