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Nihon Buyo Belly Dance | 日本舞踊ベリーダンス

Among many of the unique dance styles available at, Buyo Belly Dance is perhaps one of the most unique dance styles pioneered by Sevdha.

Inspired by Sevdha's long time love for Japanese culture, "Buyo Belly Dancing," in a most basic sense, refers to the fusion of traditional Japanese folk dancing and Middle Eastern Belly Dancing. The word, "buyo," is derived from "Nihon Buyo," (日本舞踊) an ancient form of traditional Japanese dance combining dance and pantomime and popularly performed by Geisha and Maiko. Buyo Belly Dance combines aspects of traditional Japanese folk dancing, such as the use of the maiougi (舞扇) (Japanese dance fan), and incorporates nuances of traditional Japanese-styled attire into the belly dancing costume.

As for musical choices, since Buyo Belly Dancing is exclusive to, it needless to say to there exists very little in regards to a fusion of belly dancing music and traditional Japanese music. As a result, much of the music performed with Buyo Belly Dancing is made to be remixed or created exclusively for the dance form, and is oftentimes a mixture of traditional Nihon Buyo vocals and hints of Japanese instrumentation with Middle Eastern (Belly Dancing) backbeats. Mostly, however, Buyo Belly Dancing is performed with emphasis upon the taiko, or traditional Japanese drums.

Nihon Buyo (日本舞踊) as described by

The original form of "nihon buyo" is recorded in Japan's oldest history book "Kojiki" that was completed in 712. It describes how a goddess "Amenouzume-no-mikoto" devoted herself to dancing; she put grass on her dress and hair for decorations, clasped a bundle of bamboo leaves in her hand, and stamped her feet on a large pail. Similar stage props and style of beating rhythm with feet are still used in today's nihon buyo. -

Buyo Belly Dancing is generally performed for Japanese-related events, such as festivals, bunkasai, anime conventions, and even weddings.

Nihon Buyo / Buyo Belly Dancing

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